Fire Fence

Pass Through The Exciting Fire Ball Chrome Fences. Fireball fences only allow to pass fireball of same color. The main fireball consumes changers on its way and often changes color. There are different kind of exciting fences, so variety of challenges. It will help to improve your strategy and patience, at the same time it’s very exciting.

As you score points, collect coins, gems, you will reach new levels and get new objectives. Try it! it’s fun and exciting

Here is a brief how you play this game. There is a Main Fire Ball (the player), goal for the gamer is to pass through fences of fire balls. A fence is constructed by fire balls of different colors. Fences move on the screen. There are different types of fences with different attribute, that makes the game exciting. Fire Fence only allows to pass the Main Fire Ball if the colors are same. Once the player Fire Ball passes a fence, then it will consume a color changer. On consuming the changer it will excited to change its color. Then it will need to pass a different type of fire fence. Occasionally the player will be able to consume gold coins and gems. There are a lot more other features to discover. You may find out more from the game by playing this game, following is the google play link

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Fire Fence Featured

Fire Fence Screen 2

Fire Fence Screen 4

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