Scientific names reptiles and amphibians

Scientific Names – Reptiles and Amphibians

Scientists through out the world use a common system for naming organisms. This system is known as the binomial nomenclature. In this system two words are used to name the organisms that represents its generic name and the other its specific epithet. Biological classification is necessary as the number of living things are enormous. New forms of species keep adding on every year. The organisms vary greatly in their form, structure and their mode of life. The organisms needs to be divided into groups and subgroups in a definite plan. So that the study of living things becomes easy.

We have listed reptiles and amphibians with both their scientific and common names. If you want to search a specific name, you may use the search box below. You may also use alphabetic index as per necessity. Click here to check scientific names of other groups. Click here to check some fabulous mobile apps by AppzOK.

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There are currently 44 names in this directory
African Fat-Tailed Gecko
Hemitheconyx caudicinctus

American toad
Bufo americanus

Bauer's Chameleon Gecko
Eurydactylodes agricolae

Bearded Dragon
Pogona vitticeps

Blue-Bellied Fence Lizard
Sceloporus undulatus

Rana catesbeiana

Chameleon Gecko
Eurydactylodes viellardi

Colombian Horned Frog
Ceratophrys calcarata

Cranwell's Horned Frog
Ceratophrys cranwelli

Crested Gecko
Rhacodactylus ciliatus

Eastern box turtle
Terrapene carolina carolina

Eastern Garter Snake
Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis

Eastern milk snake
Lampropeltis triangulum triangulum

Ecuadorian Horned Frog
Ceratophrys testudo

Everglades Rat Snakes
Pantherophis obsoleta rossalleni

Fowlers toad
Bufo fowleri

Gargoyle Gecko
Rhacodactylus auriculatus

Giant Day Gecko
Phelsuma grandis

Gila Monster
Heloderma suspectum

Green frog
Rana clamitans melanota

Helmeted Gecko
Geckonia chazaliae

Joazeiro Horned Frog
Ceratophrys joazeirensis

Leopard Tortoise
Stigmochelys pardalis

Map turtle
Graptemys geographica

Mossy Prehensile Tailed Gecko
Rhacodactylus chahoua

New Caleonian Giant Gecko
Rhacodactylus leachianus

New Jersey chorus frog
Pseudacris triseriata kalmi

Northern cricket frog
Acris crepitans crepitans

Northern pickerel
Rana palustris

Northern two-lined salamander
Eurycea bislineata bislineata

Ornate Horned Frog
Ceratophrys ornata

Redbacked salamander
Plethodon cinereus

Rubber Boa
Charina bottae

Russian Tortoise
Agrionemys horsfieldii

Slimy salamander
Plethodon g. glutinosus

Snapping turtle
Chelydra serpentina

Standings Day Gecko
Phelsuma standingi

Stolzmann's Horned Frog
Ceratophrys stolzmanni

Sulcata Tortoise
Geochelone sulcata

Surinam Horned Frog
Ceratophrys cornuta

Texas Horned Lizard
Phrynosoma cornutum

Veiled Chameleon
Chamaeleo Chamaeleo calyptratus

Wed's Horned Frog
Ceratophrys aurita

Wood frog
Rana sylvatica