Super Snow Games -Top 10 – Make Your Winter Wonderful

After a heavy snowfall hits, it can be tempting to stay snuggled indoors. But no one likes cabin fever. Staying inside all day brings down your energy and can leave you feeling restless. So play some snow games instead!
Just because it’s cold and snowy, it doesn’t mean you have to stay inside! Winter weather can be a great excuse to round up everyone in your neighborhood and get outside for some fresh air and exercise. So what are you waiting for? Climb into those snowsuits and take a plunge into that winter wonderland!

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Below are the Snow Games.

Rope Tow

Have you ever played Tug of War in the snow? It’s a whole lot of slip-sliding fun!
All you need to play this game is a long, thick rope, and two teams. Flatten out a trench in the snow to serve as a mid-line. The team that pulls everyone on the other team over the mid-line first wins!

Powder Puff Football

This game requires two teams of at least three players each.
To start, mark off your “field” by using a spray bottle filled with colored water. Make a large rectangle with a center line, and have each team line up at opposite ends of the field for a kickoff.
When a member of the receiving team catches the ball, he tries to advance down the field towards the other team’s goal line by running the ball or passing it to a teammate (much the same as a regular game of football).
A player is “tackled” when he is tagged by a member of the opposite teams, or slides out of bounds.

Blow Bubbles

Blow bubbles! Watch them freeze in the air if it’s below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Snow Paint

Make snow paint by putting a Kool-Aid packet or food coloring in an empty spray or squirt bottle, adding water and shaking.


This winter version is played the same way as regular dodgeball, only using snowballs instead of regular balls. (Just remember to loosely pack your snowballs, so they stay soft and don’t sting when you get hit.)
Split your group of kids into two teams, and then go to town throwing the balls at each other. When someone is hit, he is “out” and sits down. If someone catches an offending ball, the thrower is out. The game continues until all members of one team are eliminated.

Snow Sand Castles

Build a city of snow sand castles using snow, shovels and beach pails.

Snowman Fashion Show

Have a snowman fashion show. Let the judges decide who has the most fashionable snowman.

Capture the Snow Flag

All you need for this game is a piece of white cloth and a wooden spoon.
Tie the cloth to the end of the spoon. Mark off a set area to play your game, and have one person hide the flag by placing it anywhere in the snow within your set area, making sure to press the spoon into the snow so only the white cloth is visible.
Time how long it takes to find the flag each time it is hidden. Whoever is able to hide the flag for the longest time wins.

Snowmen Family

Build a family of snowmen, then add some unique details to make them look like your family members.

Hat Trick

Snowman game again.
Have everyone help make the snowman, complete with a carrot nose and charcoal eyes, but don’t put a hat on him–that’s where the game comes in.
Once your snowman is built, have everyone line up about 10 feet away. Take turns trying to land the hat on the snowman’s head by throwing it Frisbee style.
The player who lands the hat on the snowman’s head in the fewest number of throws wins.