Fidget Spinner Live Wallpaper

Fidget Spinner Live Wallpaper is an app that adds life to your phone. There are over 25 Fidget Spinners with different styles and colors to choose from. You can set 5 different speeds according to your choice. From the latest update, you now will be able to change background of the spinners as per your […]

Fire Fence

Pass Through The Exciting Fire Ball Chrome Fences. Fireball fences only allow to pass fireball of same color. The main fireball consumes changers on its way and often changes color. There are different kind of exciting fences, so variety of challenges. It will help to improve your strategy and patience, at the same time it’s […]

Fidget Spinner Smasher

Fidget Spinner Smasher Stress Release Game

Fidget spinners are very popular among different ages. And so is this game. In this game you will find Fidget Spinners are jumping all over. Smash these spinners. Fidget Spinner Smasher is a stress release game too. You will love to play this game. There are different moving fidget spinners on the screen. You need […]

Card Magic Reloaded

Card Magic Reloaded

Impress your friends and family with this unique card magic trick. There are six cards to choose from. Ask your friend to choose any one of them and keep it secret. Also ask him to remember the card. On the next screen that card will be vanished. How’d the app know about their secret card. […]