Radio Bursts from Deep Space by Aliens – Scientists Claimed

Who sends mysterious light signals in space? How much distant away are they, from our milky way galaxy? Are these light signals are sent by aliens or there are other scientific reasons behind these happening? A team of scientist has claimed, we will soon know answers of these much awaited questions. Recently, the team has noticed signals are coming from many light away from our planet earth. The team of scientist has claimed the new inventions will prove these signals are sent by aliens.

These kind of light signals are called Fast Radio Bursts(FRB) in astronomical terms. According to scientists these signals last for only a tiny period of time. Interestingly, the energy that FRBs emit in one millisecond is the same as what the sun emits in one entire day!
Astronomers have detected mysterious, ultra-brief repeating energy bursts from deep space for only the second time in history, and some experts suggested they could be evidence of advanced alien life.

The origin of fast radio bursts (FRBs), millisecond-long pulses of radio waves, is unknown, but most scientists say they are generated by powerful astrophysical phenomena emanating from billions of light years outside our galaxy, the Milky Way; such as black holes or super-dense neutron stars merging together.
Some, however, including Prof Avi Loeb, from the Harvard-Smithsonian centre for astrophysics, have posited more outlandish theories, suggesting they could be evidence of incredibly advanced alien technology.
The majority of the 13 FRBs showed signs of “scattering”, suggesting their sources could be powerful astrophysical objects in locations with special characteristics, the scientists said.

“That could mean in some sort of dense clump like a supernova remnant or near the central black hole in a galaxy,” said Dr Cherry Ng, a team member in the study from the University of Toronto. “But it has to be in some special place to give us all the scattering that we see.”

There are different opinions too. Some scientists think in a different way. They think that astrophysical phenomena like black holes or neutron stars produce the FRBs. So, a lot of research is still needed to be certain about the origin of the FRBs.