useful apps

Useful apps that helps in our daily life

Since the invention of smart phones our daily life has totally changed. Phones are no longer used just for calling. We capture photos and videos of beautiful moments of our life and share them on social networks with friends and family. We listen to music and do shopping on the go using mobile devices. And we do these through apps. Apps have changed daily usage of some of the other useful materials that we used to use in a great way. We do not have a globe or a map in our study rooms any more. We no longer tick on our calenders to remember a particular date or an upcoming event. We do not use alarm clocks to set alarms to wake up early in the mornings. Instead to use apps.

Here are some great apps those are very useful in our daily life.

1) The Weather Channel

weather channel
Because this app will help you decide what to wear, what to pack, or what to carry with you such as an umbrella or coat. It”™s a reliable app that can deliver real-time information about the weather where you are or where you”™re headed. It can also serve up emergency weather alerts to keep you safe. Free.


2) Google Maps

google map app
This Android app is essential to finding your way around no matter where you are. Voice-guided GPS directions makes it all the easier to use whether you”™re walking, driving, or riding a bike. It can also help you identify the building you want with street views. Free.

3) Uber

You”™ll need this app so you can quickly summon ground transportation, be that a taxi or a private driver, when you”™re travelling in big cities where available taxis can sometimes be hard to find. This app will instantly hail you a driver or rideshare in 150 cities in nearly 50 countries around the world. Free.


4) Spotify

Music Music simply makes life better and this app keeps your favorite music ready to play whenever you”™re ready to listen. Use it for comfort, entertainment or to drown out distracting noise when you need to focus or sleep. Free.


5) Pandora Internet Radio

Is your music playlist on Pandora rather than Spotify? No worries, Pandora has an app too. Free.


6) YouTube

This app is great for entertainment purposes but it”™s also great for learning purposes too. Whatever it is you”™re trying to do, there”™s probably a YouTube video that can teach you how. Free.

7) Gmail

google mail
Because, yeah, you need to be able to receive and send email while you”™re on the go. With this app, you can also manage multiple gmail accounts too if you like. Free.


8) Outlook

If you have business email to attend to, odds are that if it isn”™t on gmail it”™s on Microsoft”™s Outlook. This app will enable you to use that email as if you were actually at the office. Free to those who have a subscription to Outlook.


9) Hangouts

This app enables you to send IMs, texts, participate in group chats, video chats, and make phone calls. It”™s a great way to communicate anyway you want, anytime you want, and keep your mobile carrier bill low while you”™re at it if you”™re connected to wifi instead of a cell tower. Free.


10) Netflix

Downtime can be so boring. This app will enable you to see movies and TV shows whenever you have time to kill, like between meetings, sitting in a doctor”™s office, alone in a hotel, on a flight, or a long bus ride. Free to subscribers.